Family Dentist in East Hollywood

Finding a dentist that truly has the interests of your family at heart is almost impossible. Here's how you tell if a dentist can be entrusted with the dental needs of your family:

  1. Reputation – By just assessing the encounters of a dentist with past clients, you can come up with an informed opinion about them. Know about dentists in your neighborhood by checking client reviews on them in review websites.
  2. Recommendations – You may trust a dentist whose services a neighbor or close friend of yours has been using for the last two or three years. Let them give you an honest opinion about their dentist, then use some of these questions to create an opinion yourself:
  3. How long will I be kept sitting in the waiting room?
  4. How long does one have to wait for an appointment?
  5. Does the dentist have enough time for each one of their patients? How busy are they?
  6. How do they handle emergency cases?
  7. How does the office handle bills?
  8. Technology – The level of technology your dentist incorporates into their practice should be of paramount weight when choosing a family dentist. Some of the latest technologies in dentistry include X-rays, autoclave sterilization, biolase laser and intra-oral cameras. A good dentist should at least have these.
  9. Check your state dental board – Board of dentistry websites provide a platform where you can check the history of claims against dentists in your locality.
  10. Proximity of office – The dentist you choose should at least be close to your work or home. This way you can schedule visits you're sure you can honor.

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